Machine Forgetting settings


I am having a bit of trouble when 3d printing.

My brand-new machine seems to forget the nozzle, heated bed settings and Z offset when printing. Within the first few minutes of printing the nozzle moves off the bed to where it was before calibration and tries to print when it is off the bed.

I have reset the machine and made sure all the firmware is updated.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem or know of a solution?

Hi SBUR, have you contacted our Support at

Can you upload a video? Was it just preheating and pre-extruding, but not really printing?

Hi, the filament was not extruding. I tried unclogging it with a needle and blue material came out. This was the first time I have used this machine and was using black filament. I swapped the Hot End and now it works. could it have been a faulty hot end, if so how do I get it replaced?

You can contact our Support at for solutions. :blush: