M4x28 screw heads for enclosure frame coming off


I have been putting together the encloser, and one of the heads to an M4x28 popped off clean right as it seated. After taking a break to grab a bite, I came back to show my wife and two of the heads literally shot off across the room.

I am just making these snug using the provided wrench, no unusual resistance etc…

Any idea what in the world is going on? I am guessing I should just order a tap and die set to back these out, and then order some fresh screws?

So far, I have not even unboxed the A350, but it’s already causing me concern.

Looks like hardware that should have failed incoming quality checks. Don’t buy a tap and die yet. Do buy new M4x28mm screws from a reputable vendor. I prefer McMaster-Carr but a local ACE is usually good enough.
Since the heads popped off, there may be enough of the threads sticking up that you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to get the broken screw out.

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I pretty much came to the same conclusion. I swapped tactics and put the SnapMaker together last night. My faith is restored in the quality. Seems like the case screws are not the same quality as the device itself.

Was able to get the firmware updates, so tonight I will try and print something.

Anyone have a source for these screws? I’ve tried finding them on amazon, going to a few local shops like Fastenal…

I’ve written support to see if they can provide any, but I’m guessing they are just not popular in the USA?

Should be M4 screws. Any hardware store that has any of the little bins/organizers/containers with parts/fasteners/screws should have them.


You are correct, They are M4 screws, but these are 28mm which I can only find 25mm and 30mm, and I can only find button tops or other tops, not the flat / flush tops. Like I said, I’ve taken it to several hardware stores and nobody has anything like it.

I’m going to hold out for support I guess. I really don’t think I should have to hunt the planet for screws for a brand new system that I haven’t even been able to assemble.

You are correct, They are M4 screws,

Just noticed the title of your post.

If you have a grinder or dremel tool or even with a hacksaw you can shorten the 30mm ones. Or a file even.
They don’t have to be hex. You can use flathead phillips. Or if you don’t mind it not looking so pretty you could probably use a couple washers. (don’t have SM enclosure to know for sure). If you do shorten them put a nut on them first. That way if the threads get messed up at the end a little it will help clean them up when you remove it.


There’s some on Amazon, but I agree, 30mm with a washer would likely work fine.

Okay, if I search for 30mm I can find round heads, socket heads, and flat heads which are convex under the head, but not the slim head style provided by SnapMaker.

I may go the route suggested, but I am still going to wait for support because I do not feel like I should have to be out of pocket to replace included hardware, and I would prefer to have the same style that both the case and SnapMaker have used consistently through the assembly.

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Just wanted to follow up that I have made some calls and learned some things…

These are called ‘wafer head’ screws, which are extremely uncommon apparently in the United States. Even Fastenal could not order something and they specialize in screws. I was however able to discover that through the power of eBay, I can find these shipping from China / Hong Kong. No USA sources found.

That all said, for those that are unaware the M4X28 screws for the case must have this head type because the heads are between the case outside frame and the glass panels. Pan heads, standard flush heads etc will not sit flush within the screw head depression provided. Lastly, you can not remove the heads or just use an m4 barrel because only the inner rails are threaded. Without the screw head / cap, the outer rails have no support and can freely be slide off.

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