Inserts for table frame

Does anyone have a way to source the inserts for the base frame on the A350 2.0? I had a M4 screw gall and lock up and break. I have the means to remove broken screw but would like to purchase spare parts. TIA

This thread is the most complete discussion on it. I don’t think an exact match has been found, but a 3D printed replacement is viable

thank you. awesome suggestions. I am curious as to how the printed insert handles the heat and stress of the heated bed for printing. thanks again.

I (topic starter of the referenced post) printed them in PETG and they are still holding up quite well since the time of that post :slight_smile:
So quite decently. If the heat is doing anything, it makes them fit even better. On the other hand, I did have a piece of MDF in between for a while (for quick mounting with magnets). So the heat will be less of an issue now. but I’ve used it for a few months in the normal way without any issues.