M00 / M01 Gcode

Hello everyone!

I have been using the CNC module and attempting to program a M00-M01 Optional Stop Command in my GCode. Has anyone used this command with regards to the Snapmaker?

I have used it in the past on HAAS machines but for some reason when im using the SM it blows past it in my code. The machine seems to read that it needs to go back and dwell but then starts again immediately without requiring the start command. I would like to be prompted to hit run again so I can change parts/ rotate parts for marking.

Below is the resource I found that states SM has the M00-M01 command in the controller but maybe im using it incorrectly or it only can only dwell for a set time and not a command.


Any input is appreciated :slight_smile:

Those commands are unsupported at the moment, and there’s no plans to support them.

It can stop, but there’s no HMI features to resume, essentially breaking the gcode. It’s half implemented.

In the 3D printing flow there’s a command to trigger the touchscreen regarding a filament change. The developers should use that feature for M0. Maybe submit a GitHub ticket for that feature.

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You could manually edit the g-code and break it into multiple parts and then just run them separately.

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Just submitted a feature request @ Feature request: M00 / M01 gcode support · Issue #142 · Snapmaker/Snapmaker2-Controller · GitHub