Luban V4.7.2 Feedback & Discussion

Hi Makers,

We’re collecting the issues you’ve encountered when using Luban V4.7.2 and trying to solve them asap. Please record the problems in this topic. Also, you can search for similar issues and solutions in this thread first if you have problems with Luban V4.7.2.

Appreciate any feedback!

It is not possible to heat the toolhead or bed manually in Luban 4.7.2. Its greyed out.
Connected via wlan on win11 with A350 and Dual-Extruder.

All custom profiles are hidden for the Right Extruder on Artisan. They still exist, you just can’t use them. Downgrading until this is fixed.

Ironically, it looks like “check for updates” has been fixed.

Noticed that too :smile:

I have been getting an error message every time I open the 3d printing tab with the a350 and dual extruder selected as my machine and module. It loads for a few seconds then gives the message “Something went wrong. Please reload the app.” Reloading and reinstalling haven’t changed anything.

Any help is appreciated.

I got this error. I swapped my nozzles from the originals to the hardened steel ones. Any ideas?

Luban 4.7.2, if you auto-generate supports using the options on the left side of the screen (say you want to control where they go and remove some areas using the painter), it eliminates the prime tower and never builds it.

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The ironing feature doesn’t seem to work when enabled.


The temperature control of the dual extruder is not ready yet, we will add it soon.

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It may help.

This may be a recognition issue and we will look at it. In this case please do not click confirm

Can you make sure that Support is turned on? I did what you said, but there seems to be no recurrence of the problem

Make sure it’s on and there’s a back button next to the parameters. If you can export the config file I can help confirm.

Do you suggest sending us the configuration files for confirmation? I think it’s some compatibility issue, under some conditions these configurations are not displayed anymore.

Is there any substantial reason why it is no longer backward compatible with High Sierra? Can that be reversed in the next update? I have to bring my office computer home each time I want to send a new print to the printer now.

Maybe also add an option to disable the runout sensors since this is a common issue with the dual extruder.

This is for macOS, can’t vouch for Windows. And just to be super clear, you can see custom configs for the left extruder like usual, they’re only missing in the right extruder. Nonetheless, the config file shows 2 a400 folders under printing:

  • a400_single
  • a400_dual

I don’t remember there being an a400_single originally, but I’m not going to overwrite my installation to find out, my configs are too valuable. a400_single seems unnecessary, since the Artisan is dual head by default. Am I missing something?

One thing I noticed is that the json notes the luban version number, and when you update, it duplicates the configs and changes the version # on the duplicates. Here’s an identical config from each version:

I imported these two files into my catalog in a manual way. I was able to find these configurations when working with materials like PLA/PETG/ABS. I’m wondering if you made these configurations for PLA? Or is it supposed to be a print configuration for Breakaway materials.
One thing to note is that Luban sets up print configurations for different materials, so you may find that some types of materials do not share print configurations.


Can’t get IP address in luban so it won’t connect to machine, keep getting connection timed out please check your network setting. Everything seems to be ok. So how can this be fixxed.

Hi, I have the button checked but it won’t work.
And that isn’t my major issue right now.
I just tried to print via USB and what happened was unbelievable. The J1 print my file up to almost middle completion and then started to print ANOTHER different model that I had printed a few weeks before, ON TOP of the half completed one!!!
Guys this software is completely unusable at this point…