Luban sets Bed Temp to 0?

:confused: am just trying out the gimbal model that comes with Luban to print on my A350 with dual-extrusion head.

I have a black and white role of PLA, both have the bed temp set to 65 degrees.

When I connect to the printer in Luban and try to print the model, the bed temp stays at 0. Not surprisingly the first layer doesn’t stick at all.

Not the best advert for your software, when even the one 3d printing model that comes with it doesn’t print properly :confused:

Since you also can’t adjust temps mid-print like with basically any other printer, there is nothing I can do.

I really wanted to give Luban a chance, but if it fails with even the simplest of tasks I can’t see myself using it.

I just ran into this issue as well after Luban updated. The bed heats if I load a G code created vefore the update, but anything I create now, bed stays at 0 regardless of what code says or what I try to do.

I’ve posted a workaround for this at Dual Extruder problems? - #4 by rgprints

Just toggle the left extruder from Fast Print to Precise and Strong and then back to Fast Print!

Yeah - this is a problem on the latest Luban update for the A350 as well. For some reason, Luban sets the bed temperature control later in the GCode after the print starts. So it’s not waiting for the bed to warm up before starting which is a recipe for a screwed up first layer. I’ve given up on Luban for slicing and use the custom profile for PrusaSlicer (others prefer Cura).

I use Octopi to manage the system and it was clear as day that it was waiting for the nozzle temperature with the bed at zero. Once the nozzle hit the required temperature it started printing and the bed temp started climbing, but too late for the first layer :frowning:

Same for Artisan