Luban Issues and Suggestions

    1) Remember the program window Size and Position
    2) When I connect to the SnapMaker - STAY CONNECTED!  If I leave for a while, it disconnects.  Also seems to disconnect during prints ALL the time.
    3) Once I've connected once, and told the SnapMaker to allow it - Allow me to connect from the same computer without requiring Authorization again!  (in my case, the SnapMaker is downstairs, and computer is upstairs)
    4) Same as above with Transfering files via WiFi
    5) When transfering files to the Snapmaker, give some feedback showing that SOMETHING is happening.  Large files take a while, and it's impossible to tell if you actually pressed the button.
    6) Provide some way to remove files from the list at the right in the Workspace Panel.  (I"m loading GCode files from Cura)
    7) After parsing the GCode file - zoom to fit!  I have to zoom out several levels before I can even find the model I just opened.
    8) Using "Upload" to open a file is non-standard and confusing.  The program Opens a file, and we Upload it to the SnapMaker

To add to list of suggestions/issues.
1)With the A350,when starting a 3d print, it seems it homes, autolevel the bed, then rehomes prior to starting the print. Seems like an unnecessary step if it has already calibrated the bed. It seems to home twice.
2)The large bed takes a long time to heat up, it would be nice to have the bed heat before the hot end. The hot end heats first, then stays idle and hot for ~4 minutes. If the bed heated up first, it would give it a little more time for the bed temp to even out, before printing starts.
3)User definable settings are limited. For example when creating a custom profile, there is no infill speed setting, nor any cooling adjustment settings that I have noticed. It’s great it’s setup to automatically adjust advanced settings, but can’t even see what those auto settings are set as. Would like and advanced mode option. Other slicers have a easy and advanced mode to choose from.
4)When doing a couple prints with 100% infill, the slicer glitched and did a very odd cross pattern with random paths, causing print to fail.

Just use Cura as the Slicer. LOTS more options.

Can we get a fix for High Quality slicing? It still hangs on larger models. Its frustrating to be unable to use the High Quality settings

Just use Cura. More options, many fixes over the old version used in Luban.