Luban V4.6.2: Known Issues & Corresponding Solutions

Hi Makers,

We’re collecting the issues you’ve encountered when using Luban V4.6.2 and trying to solve them asap. Please record the problems in this topic and we will sort them out and update the corresponding solution (once we figure it out) in the main post. Also, you can search for similar issues and solutions in this thread first if you have problems with Luban V4.6.2

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Issue 1: “Slice Failed” Error
Solution: "Slice Failed" Error | Snapmaker Wiki


Luban SVG file import issue:
In the previous version, svg import worked fine. Now, Luban does not interpret the units correctly any more.
Example svg file:
< ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”? >
< svg xmlns=“SVG namespace” xml:space=“preserve”
width=“25.0529mm” height=“25.0529mm” version=“1.1”
shape-rendering=“geometricPrecision” fill-rule=“evenodd” viewBox=“0 0 6693 6693” >

< rect fill=“none” stroke=“#000000” stroke-width=“20.3581” x=“10” y=“10” width=“6673” height=“6673” />
< /svg >

Previous version of Luban imported the rectangle in this file correctly as 25mm * 25mm. The new version imports the rectangle as 6673mm * 6673mm.
The ratio internal units / millimeters is defined in the viewBox property in the svg tag. Obviously, the previous Luban version considered this, but was omitted in the new version.

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Printer used Snapmaker J1
Firmware: V2.3.5


If I set the maximum and minimum fan speed to 100% in the filament settings
and then regular to 10s. However, if max and min are the same, this value should be ignored, right? The fan does not run during the first shifts.
There is still the point Normal fan speed at layer X below the upper settings, but I can’t find any value to change the value below layer X.

Luban version 4.6.1. could not generate G code for a 3 d print . stuc bij 20 %.
downloaded version 4.6.2 ; when getting a stl file, i’ve got the request repair? if accepted then image is gone, not able to replace, rotate etc. due to lost image. when ignoring the request for repair , I could change the position of the image but not able to get the repair question.

I’m wondering why the repair is needed
using IMAC montery latest version

Snapmaker 2.0 A350, 2 identical machines, I had to reverted back to 4.5.1 for the immediate noted reasons.
I could not print from luban, it indicated “Completed” immediately upon pressing “Start on Luban”

I sent the file to machine #1 and started printing. As with 4.5.0, it did not go home before printing, it heated the head, sent the bed home (odd) and did not heat the bed, the bed read 0C on the android screen instead of the room temperature. I quickly set off to printing garbage.

Also, the above issues.

note: I set all items to default and did a fresh install, this is becoming very old.

I think we’ve figured out what’s wrong inside and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

I guess this should be the parameter you need.

Sometimes fixes can resolve some anomalies caused by slicing, such as missing paths, slicing failures, etc. But the repair should not make the model disappear afterward. Please provide us with your stl if you can and we will test it.

Can you tell me the version of your firmware? In some cases we have identified, there are firmware versions that cause this problem.

Thank you i find it

Sorry for the delay, it’s easy for me to miss things.

The firmware for my older SM2 is SNAPMAKER2_V1.15.17.20230217
Controller version: V4.5.29
Other printers are in use.

We have identified an issue with Luban slicing. It causes an exception in Gcode itself, which will be fixed in the next release.

There is typically a lack of software management at Snapmaker. Using customers as beta testers is not acceptable!