Luban V4.5: Known Issues & Corresponding Solutions

Could you give us more details on the Wi-Fi issues you’ve encountered?

The SM will try to connect and fail. If it does connect, once i send over a file, it drops off the network.


Windows 10
Version 21H2

The network works normally right?

Maybe you could find solutions in this thread:

Hi darien, for the Bug 1, could you please upload a screenshot?

Please mark Bug 1 (Workspace view prevents access to menus) as no longer an issue. It appears resolved.

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Got it. For Bug 2, what machine you’re using?

As a side note, I have had many issues with Raspberry Pis and so on using 5 GHz Wifi, after which I concluded it’s always the best to select the 2.4 GHz channel for embedded devices.

After modifying one of the standard print profiles (e.g. “Normal Print”), there used to be a way to reset the values back to the defaults. I no longer see any button or menu that allows me to do this. I’m working on a Mac.

I can an inconsistent machine type as per the screenshot below. I’m sure you can see why this might be a bug!

Trying to cut out a number but the system ignores the number of passes set and only completes 1.
Luban 4.5.1 on Windows and Snapmaker original

Luban 4.5.1 on Windows with Snapmaker original. When I go to change the machine settings the system drops me back to the main menu and any unsaved changes in the project are lost. A warning would be very helpful

I’m on a Mac with Luban 4.5. I had this issue with earlier versions too. When running a print from Luban, the time remaining is wrong.

I’ve installed 4.5.0 and I can’t get regular supports to work. The only supports that will show up in the preview are tree supports.

Issue 2 (I’ve posted this elsewhere) - seems a non-issue - the nozzle heats up far faster anyway - this actually gives the bed a minute or so to stabilise the temperature at 70 (while the nozzle heats up) before it starts printing - seems sensible to me…

I make and export a file using Tinker Cad, open in Luban, generate Gcode and print. The print aways turns out smaller than the measurements on both Tinker Cad and Luban, roughly .5 mm (not every print is the same size but they are always smaller). I tried to export both .OBJ and .STL same result. I do not know if this is an issue that has just shown up after this update because I’ve never attempted this before now.

I printed this twice, one is 27.6mm around and 94.8mm tall the other is 27.22mm around and 94.84mm tall.

This depends on calibration of your extruder and filament shrinking.
Have a look at this:

In addition to what xchrisd said, it can also be a function of the linear rail motor step calibration and gear backlash. There are also settings within the slicer software that must be set in certain ways to ensure dimensional accuracy of the print.

I will definitely try it. For some reason I had it in my head that over extrusion would cause more visible issues. Thanks