Upgrade to 4.5.0

HI, i use a Mac 15" Mid 2012 as shown in the photo attached.
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I installed and used Luban 4.4.0
the upgrade to 4.5.0 crash when i generate G_code file, There’s a incompatibility with so.
So i installed the old version 4.4.0 but now it’s occurred a new error message, “the slicing failed because the model is too small”, but it’s not so…

Hi cesare76m, Luban v4.5 doesn’t support macOS 10.13 & 10.14 :cry:. And for the problem you’ve encountered with v4.4, the reason might be some configuration file errors. You could try the following steps:

  1. Find the configuration file in the following path and back it up somewhere else.
    • Windows OS: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\snapmaker-luban\snapmaker-recover
    • macOS: /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/snapmaker-luban/snapmaker-recover

Note: Replace admin in the path with your username.

  1. Delete the whole snapmaker-luban folder (the one in the path above) .

  2. Reinstall Luban v4.4.

That’s a shame. There’s likely no technical reason for that requirement. If Luban 4.5 doesn’t support MacOS 10.14, and 4.5 is required for the dual extruder I will be canceling my pre-order.

i think that you can use another slicing software…

thanks, i solved the problem, it would be better to not start installation if there is an incompatibility. Bye bye

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Hi snapUser, sorry for the incompatibility… you could try other slicers. I’ll try to collect usable profiles of other slicers and post a collection thread. :blush:

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I think there are still a lot of Mojave users. It would have been nice to continue to support it. Regardless, I was able to successfully cancel my pre-order.

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