Luban seems to have caused a bed gouge when printing on A350

Has anyone else experienced this?

I was having difficulty with first layer adhesion printing ABS on my A350.

I calibrated the bed using 4x4 matrix, and was getting OK results for the brim and initial part of the print, but then found large sections lifting. I was printing from USB.

I went back to Luban and tweaked some settings (first layer thickness, width) and re-generated the G-code.

I then connected Luban to the A350 over WiFi to transfer the file. The transfer went fine.

When I attempted to print the job from the A350’s touchscreen, the print head gouged the print sheet and failed to extrude. At various points along the path, the print head pressed deeper into the sheet leaving circular imprints where the nozzle dug into the sheet.

Since I did not turn the machine off between prints, and did not adjust calibration settings or Z-offset between prints, I can only assume that Luban somehow changed my Z-offset when it connected to the printer.

I recalibrated and printed the same file from USB without any further damage to the sheet.

Versions: Luban 4.0.3, SM2 1.13.2_20210913

I experienced the same thing, plus another issue.

I was printing a set of tiny washers. When I went back to the printer, it had gouged a deep hole and a scrape on the print sheet. I have ordered some new print sheets, since this one is ruined.

I also had a large print fail, albeit differently. It printed fine for about 9 hours, at which time I went to bed. When I woke up, I found the print sheet was skewed on the platter, pushing open the enclosure door. The print had somehow been twisted with enough force to cause the entire print sheet to twist.

Will try again once I receive the print sheets. This makes me very leery of making an Artisan purchase.

Luban Version 4.4.0 (4.4.0), A350 Firmware Snapmaker2_V1.14.3_20220617

That’s usually due to the nozzle hitting the print, because of warping or the like. Activate z-hop in your slicer if you haven’t already—a couple of mm is normally more than enough.

(Also, it’s usually better to start your own thread than to piggyback on one that’s a year old and received no responses . . .)