Luban save file location

hi guys, i havent been around, sorry i didn’t reply to previous threads (had to learn to walk again, it’s been a long road).

my previous files were moved from downloads, or deleted - so 3 questions…

am using luban 3.8.0

  1. do i need to keep the pictures after the luban file is created? if i delete the pictures in downloads, will they be deleted in luban? do i need to keep the pictures and the “???.snapcnc” in the same location? (asking the same question 3 different ways).
  2. how do i update luban? (i have looked and have no idea).
  3. how do i change the location to open and save files to “downloads>snapmaker” instead of “downloads”? as i use downloads for many things.

thanks guys/gals

To update you goto the releases page Releases · Snapmaker/Luban · GitHub or snapmaker website and get latest version, install and that should be enough. It probably wont manage to upgrade your old settings as 3.8.0 is very old, and it may not remove the old copy, so you can have both installed at the same time if you want.

I don’t know what you mean by pictures, do you mean the files it saves like project files and gcode files, which can have a thumbnail picture when you look at them in the file browser? Once you’ve finished printing/milling/lasering then none of the file need to be kept. It can be useful to keep them to re-play an old job, but you can usually recreate the same settings as an old job quite easily.

The default save folder may be stuck at downloads or whatever you last used to save, maybe someone else can help with a suggestion. Is your computer running mac or windows or linux?

thanks tyeth,

by pictures i meant does the clipart need to stay with cnc file (same location which is downloads for me). but this question was not needed as i could remove the pics and see if the cnc file has a problem when loading… sorry tyeth, didn’t think.

i think with the old version i currently have - it is stuck at saving files to the folder “downloads”, i should just do an update and see if i can specify the save location… sorry again

getting back into the swing of it :-/
thanks for your patience

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