Luban oler versions

extreme novice
am not happy with the newer version of luban. I was getting used to the old software and was actually learning to upload and cut 3D gcodes from cut 3D. Now I am lost and do not desire to relearn the software.Maybe later when I learn more I will try it. It it possible to down load an older version of luban ? the one that let you capture with picture and click on the cnc icon and make custom adjustments?


Just scroll through Snapmaker Luban Downloads and Updates until you find the version you want. The links should all work.

I’ve actually got two versions of Luban installed side-by-side, although that may only be possible under Linux.

It’s possible with macs too.
For a long time I kept both 3.8 and 3.12.


I have installed 6 older versions starting with 3.1.0 and going up to 3.4.2 will load but not open.(3.5.0 loaded and opened with the newer version updates.

It seems that Luban cannot read the file from Cut3D. Could you share the file here so that we can check it?