Image of old file in work plane

Hi everyone,
I have an anoying problem with an old image of a stl file appearing in the yxz- work plane. It doesn’t matter what I do with SM 2.0 A350 ( 3D, CNC or laser, after Luban does time out and I reconnect to SN the present image on the work plane disappears and Luban renders an ancient stl file picture ( in fact the first 3D print I have ever done ) in the work field. Luban shows the correct xyz cordinates of fresent work, but all other info is missing. How do I remove the old information from the Luban buffer? I’m running the latest updates.

Try clicking on the model so it shows the move arrows then press the delete key to delete it, should go from the model bed and the list in the top right of the screen.

Close Luban and don’t save changes. Next time you open Luban it should be gone.


thank for your fast reply. I’ve done according to your suggestion several times previously. The funny thing is as Luban seems to have some sort of time off sequense between Luban and Snapmaker - I have no idea how many minutes before cutting off connection to SM. When you re-establish connection to Snapmaker ( in my case Wi-Fi ) Luban refreshes the work plane with the old image - not the present one. Working coordinates are shown correct, sent and received commands are also ok.
I’ll try again as you suggested - maybe I missed something on the way.