When generating G-Code, model moves to corner

So today is my first day using my brand new SM-A350 and I love the quality of the machine. However, I am not an engineer and I desperately need more training than what is available online. When I load files I pull off of thingyverse OR even when I load the default vase file into the object viewer, things seem normal. I have NOT changed any settings yet, and when I select the Generate G-Code button the following highlighted model moves about a third the way toward the back right corner of the on the x-y axis. I printed the vase anyway and it came out fine. BUT when I try to print anything else, it has failed and just spews coiled PLA all over. Please help.

Hi @Tiger, a couple of quick questions to help figure out what’s going on. First, could you post the G-code and a screenshot of what is happening in luban? Second, what version of Luban and Firmware are you running? And third, what printing profile do you have selected? (ex. fast print, normal quality, etc.)

Make sure you have A350 selected as your machine type in Luban.


This is before I generate the code. I am using the latest version (3.14.0), it is set to A350.

This is After I generate the G-Code.

Also, my Generate Auto Support [check box] is greyed out. I cannot change any of the support settings in the customize menu.

So, after closing and reopening the software, the glitch has subsided. It no longer changes the orientation of my objects. ALSO, I discovered that I needed to edit my custom Profile from the gear menu, not the sub menus under print settings. All is well now. That you for your help. =D

I have generated G-code multiple times in Snapmaker Luban v3.14.0, while the model did not re-oriented after generating the G-code.

I am having the exact same issue, have tried restarting with no change

Did you update Snapmaker Luban 3.14.0?