Luban Not Connecting Via Serial Port After 4.4.0 Update

The subject line says it all.

I just updated to Luban 4.4.0 and—after rebooting my computer and updating the touchscreen to the new 2.11 firmware—I am unable to connect my computer to my Snapmaker Original via the Serial Port. Upon entering the workspace to connect Luban, it is prompting me with “Something went wrong. Please reload the app.” Please advise how to correct this issue.

I just encountered a similar problem with the Wifi interface, where an Error would be displayed indicating a preexisting connection with another device.

Since i couldn’t reproduce it. Could u provide more information? Where did you get the new 2.11 firmware(2.11 firmware have been released for a long time)? And before connecting, click ‘toggle developer tools’, attach the error.

I would like to know if there was a resolution to this. I have a similar problem with Luban and the serial port connection. Mine will connect and I can send it Home but if I try to start a job it just sits there for infinity. No target temps for either the bed or the extruder. This use to be how I test print before sending a full job but now I have to use Wifi which will start from Luban or allow me to send to the machine.