Luban - Material Support Blocker

In the past I have used Cura for the slicer. But since I bought my Artisan Unit, I have been using Luban and I want to use it as I can have a lot of interaction with 3D Printing, CNC, Laser etc…

There is one feature that I can not figure out that it is very useful when you 3D Print “Domes” or “Helmets”. In Cura the feature is called the “Support Blocker”
It allows to delete in the case of the Helmet the support in the middle of the Dome that is NOT needed and I can save many hours of printing and a lot of material savings.
Here is the picture of before and after with Cura:
BEFORE I can remove the middle support

APPLYING the Support Blocker allow to “block” the middle support since it is not needed when building a dome or helmet. Here is the outcome when applying it.

RESULTS And here are the results:

NOW, let us go the Luban Software.
It seems that this feature is incorporated (see the next picture)
In the picture you can see the feature called “Support” where you can edit it… see the next 2 pictures

You have the option to EDIT ALL, then you can +Add or - Delete support
Here is the results after I deleted the support in the middle. The same as Cura.

Now Slicing OR Generating the G-Code

BUT when I slice it, the removal of the middle support, shows up again.

Apparently I am missing something really basic or there is a bug in the software ???
Any help from anyone it will be great.

I love my Artisan Printer… Best Printer ever !!!

@Jade Hello Jade, is there any contact that you might have to get some help here ?
Let me know if you need more details. Bottom line what I am trying to know is if the Luban software has a Material Blocker like the Cura. See my note above for details.

Thank you

I tried with another helmet and it works here on my Luban (4.6.3). If you would upload the stl I could take a look…

I was not able to up load the STL file … too big, however here is the link to a video that I posted in the FB Artisan Owner page…

I had the same problem. For me, the solution was to make sure the Support slider was set to None, otherwise it automatically did full supports and ignored any manual support edits.
Screenshot 2023-05-20 131841

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But if you keep the setting to NONE, then there is NO support in the whole model, which it will cause other areas of the model to fail. Is that what you did ? OR am I missing something ?

This is how I do it:

  • Set Support to NONE
  • Make sure all objects are unselected (or all objects are selected)
  • Open the support dialog and click on ‘Generate Auto Support (For All)’ (this seems to generate the same supports as having Support set to Normal)
  • Then Click on ‘Edit All’ and add and delete supports as wanted

The crucial step is in bold.


Thank you! I was struggling with the center supports on a helmet and this fixed what I was doing wrong.

Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you!
It must have took the programmer months to come up with that logic. :slight_smile:

yes this idea works for sure… : )