Luban Laser - dimensions are not correct

I’m trying to laser a grafik - made in CorelDraw.
A “very complex design” - a circle with 100m diameter.

  1. Export it to svg and load it in Luban -> circle no about 26mm diameter.
  2. Export it to jpg and load it into Luban -> circle now about 145mm diameter.
    (Luban 3.9)

What should I do to get the grafics from CorelDraw in the right size to Luban ?

I found that the problem is Luban 3.9 !!
In the 3.8 version the size is how it should be.

"This is the new version of Luban.
** What is new ?**
*** New bugs."***

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I like the feature of creating simple shapes in Luban quickly but I also noticed the size changes between Edit and Process!
Creating three circles in Edit mode:

In Process mode you see the first circle has ‘grown’:

As far as I found it is only the first shape that changes size: So delete the first shape in the session and make a second one.