Printing not where it is supposed to be on the bed

I switched back from CNC to 3D printing a month ago. Since then my prints are off from what Luban is showing. Recalibrated but its not better. Is there another setting that needs reajustmnent?

@Gumby54 pictures go a long way to allowing us to understand more what your issue is.

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Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Here is a good example! Why. is this so much off the mark?.

Looks like the x-axis is reversed—the print’s about the right distance back, but on the wrong side. Your prints don’t come out mirror-imaged as well, by any chance, do they?

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Nice one. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

I suppose it could be that both X and Y are reversed, given that the Y-position is near the middle in this case. If you place something in the forward-left corner of the print volume using Luban, where does it end up printing?

Or the wrong machine is selected?
Do you have a 250 and 350 is chosen?

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That’s the one. If you look at the Luban picture, the bed is the 350 size.

OMG ,SDJ & Matthew you hit the nail right on the head. Somehow when i updated Luban last time either I wasn’t paying attention or the software defaulted to A350. So, indeed I was using the wrong machine. Back to A250 and all is well.
Thank you folks for all your help and reply.