Luban Dual Extruder Helper bug

There is a 4.9.1 Luban Dual Extruder Helper bug. After selecting “Prime Tower” and then later selecting “Ooze Shield” or “None”, the printer nozzle G-code Travel path takes the nozzle to the far right back bed corner on each layer printed.

Can you repeat it with a different model? And what version of firmware are you running on which snapmaker version?

The bug is repeatable with different models. I updated the SM2 A350 firmware after updating Luban to version 4.9.1 to version 1.17.17_20230901.

And you restarted both the computer and power cycled the snapmaker 350 at least once since doing both updates?

Check the Preview Travel box Line Type of a model with the Dual Extrusion Helper Prime Tower Parameters selected. Note that its Preview Travel path appears good. Now set the Dual Extrusion Helper to Ooze Shield and click Generate G-code. Observe that the Travel path goes to the back-right corner of the bed for each layer. If the Dual Extrusion Helper is then set to “None” the path will still include the back-right corner, which is the bug. If now a different model is loaded with its Dual Extrusion Helper set to “None”, the path will be fine. Now reloading the previous project that had the bad path and it will now be a good path. (This is how to manually fix the bug condition.)

The problem has nothing to do with the printer, except that it follows the G-code instructions provided by Luban.

Yes, I have reboot my Windows 11 computer after installing v4.9.1 Luban. The SM2 a350 printer automatically reboots after installing firmware.

Cool, you should defiantly put in a support ticket, instead of posting on a community forum though

I created support ticket per the link provided.