Luban CNC bevelled Edge

I would like to carve/Cut simple wood signs but I want the edges to be bevelled. Like cottage type signs. Can LUBAN do that with its own boxes and text ? Or do I have to create it outside of Luban. What is the easiest way to do it ?

It is possible to use a router bit with the profile you want and just have it follow a path using luban.
But ideally you really need to use a third party program.
Fusion 360, Carbide Create or Easel by inventables all have their own pluses and minuses. I personally like Easel for signs. It’s really well designed and it’s primary function is making signs.

I tried Easel. When I add text to it and then save the svg and bring it into Luban to CNC the Text can be seen but as soon as I preview or process the text disappears.

You shouldn’t be saving as svg. There’s no point in using Easel as an art program.
Export the tool path as gcode and use that.
Only use Luban to transfer the gcode wirelessly to your SM. Or use a usb drive.
Make sure your file ends in .cnc for SM to recognize it.
Also, make sure you set a spindle speed (generally 12000) in Easel or it won’t turn on.


Thanks… Now how do I get the edge of the board in Easel to be bevelled ?

Unfortunately it looks like Easel won’t let you use v-bits with the free version anymore.
With the paid (or free month trial) you’d use a v-bit and set it to cut path on shape path. (which is same thing you’d do with Luban.)
The paid version does add some nice features - multiple tools and choice of path direction. It’s a monthly fee and I just stop and start it as I need it.