CNC Relief 3.9, Use Other Bit

I’ve normally used F360 for CNC, but decided to use Luban for simple text carving. The issue i’m having is that it doesn’t change anything if you adjust the bit size manually. I generated 2 files (1 with 1.5mm & 1 with 3.175mm both with 180 degree point angle) and besides file names, they are idential line for line. So Luban is not changing anything if you use the “Use Other Bit” option. Am I wrong?

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Ditch Luban and use another program.
Easel by Inventables is free with a few limitations - only use one bit/pass. Pro is $20/month and allows a clearing bit and finishing bit. (free month trial)
Does a great job of previewing what it will look like.
Other people like Carbide Create.


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Luban doesn’t do text very well, to be honest.

I’m preferring the results of F-Engrave, personally, as the V-bit can actually give some excellent results if properly tuned. You do have to remember to remove the “.0” off the end of the first F command, as the G-Code interpreter doesn’t like the Feed command to take floating-point numbers.

You might need to run some commands to convert all your fonts to something it’ll understand (and hopefully a later update adds support to read all the system fonts), but then you’ll have immense flexibility in routing beautiful text.

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