Letters with CNC

trying to get good lettering as this the main reason i bought the machine, as we all know Lubin draws the outline or takes for ever to fill in letters. i just want letters done with one pass and i will decide letter thickness by the cutting tip i select. has anyone got this to work?

I do all my text in illustrator (one stroke as you also desire). I stroke the text the width of the bit and remove the outer stroke. That yields the best results. Luban fill mode is basically useless. Luban has CNC modes for Ouline, On Path and Fill. It would massively benefit from “Inside” path option. I think that would get some decent lettering results.

The best way to do lettering and logo is to use Easel by Inventables. It has a really good preview mode to show you what the result will look like.
You can get by with the free version, but the paid version adds a few nice features. 30 day free trial. Unfortunately it’s a monthly subscription. I stop and start it as I have the need.

You can also use Fusion 360. Most stuff I do using that.


HI, my wife has that i will give it a go, can you please tell me how you get the illustrator file to route, what are the steps

thanks i will alos give easel a go. how do you get the g code from it?

Unless you’re proficient in Illustrator, it’s going to be a LOT of work. You’re basically going to “re-draw” existing fonts as single stroke characters. It’s complex, but gives you the most creative freedom.

i have a clever wife for that especially as i only need a basic font. can oyu please tell me how to go from there to the Snapmaker

You have to draw your text in AI (as single strokes not fill), then save as SVG. Import the SVG to CNC, and then just carve (using the bit diameter of your desired width).

You can export g-code directly from Easel.
Go under machine, click on ‘advanced’ and then generate g-code.
Rename it .cnc

Open it in a text editor and make sure there’s a spindle speed command. Should be a line that says M3 P100. (this sets it to full speed, 12000 rpm). If not add it in the first few lines. (Easel used to add, doesn’t seem to now. Not sure if it’s because I don’t have Pro version)

With the pro version t will create two tool paths for two different bits, roughing and finishing (flat and v or ball nose)
Then drag it into the Luban workspace or use a flash drive.
Only annoying thing is you have to remember that it sets origin as bottom left.
So be careful running boundaries!!!
Takes a little bit to get used to centering things.
Start a pass running with origin well above clamps, fixtures and workpiece just to see that it’s doing what you think it should be.


i have tried fusion 360 thery have single line type faces G code problems though. still looking at V carve it says it will do it but have not found out how yet.