Luban and .SVG not working

Hey guys,
Hoping someone can help me here.
I’m trying to import some SVG files so i can use the laser.
But every time I try and import, I get an error message to use a “Failed to import this object. Please select a supported file format.”

We are running the most recent version of Illustrator, so wondering if I need to save an older version of svg?

You’re not trying to import the SVG to the workspace perhaps?

No was trying to import directly into the new project screen

Luban only has partial SVG support (and Illustrator isn’t really good at SVG either), so you may just have hit a bug. If you can post the file here, it will be easier to diagnose.

I use illustrator exclusively for SVG. Never had an issue with Luban, Fusion, etc, etc. AI has a lot of settings for compatibility, but never found the need to deviate from the default values.

I have had the designer use the previous version of Illustrator to save it in the “old” svg format.
That seems to have worked.
There seems to be some compatibility issues with the new version of illustrator and the way it saves the file.