Luban 4.3.1 Camera Bug

I think I found a bug where trying to add a background using the camera on the laser tool head results in one of the sections being out of whack. The tool head starts at the upper right quadrant rather than upper left.

I had done a background minutes before & worked fine; but when I went to actually engrave I got the popup about the newer version available. I upgraded then had the problem.
I deleted the 4.3.1 version & downloaded 4.3.0 & the background function works fine now.

This is a Snapmaker 2.0 A150 with latest firmware.

I’ve also experienced some issues with the (10W) laser camera on 4.3.1. I wanted to submit an issue to GitHub but someone else already did. In this comment: Bug: camera capture incorrect 10W laser · Issue #1629 · Snapmaker/Luban · GitHub an installer for 4.3.2 is provided that fixes my issues. Might be worth a shot for you as well.