Luban 4.11.0 laser toolpath/preview generation issues

Using a Mac (Ventura 13.5.1 OS), I am creating one inch tokens with five different images on them for an event. I had constant problems with processing the toolpath which was only resolved by quitting & restarting multiple times. I would constantly get an error generating and previewing with symptoms similar to Can't Generate G-code in Luban.

In the last (most recent to memory of my troubleshooting) I generated two toolpaths (an image with line engraving and a vector for cutting) for a single token as a test to see if the laser settings were right for my material (1.5mm balsa) and successfully exported it. But when I came back to add toolpaths for the remaining images and generated the gcode, only the first token generated and previewed. I had to save, restart luban, and generate again (no editing done) – this time all of the images generated for the preview & gcode.

Update. I just tried to import a jpg image as greyscale, then set a toolpath for Dot, 0.14 fill interval, 5 dwell time and 60% laser power. It won’t generate a preview or gcode. “Failed to generate toolpath and preview” flashes briefly at the bottom of the workspace screen. All of this was in a new file.

You need to ask support and troubleshoot with them.
Did you try another picture and it’s the same?

Yep, a couple of different ones. I can eventually generate a print file (.nc format) - I just have to quit & restart luban. So it looks like a program bug, not a user issue.