Luban 4.10.2 Fails to Generate Preview/Gcode

I am trying to generate gcode for my project, but after clicking export, I get an error that says ‘Failed to generate preview’. The preview window is blank as expected.

From the logs I see this:
2024-03-01T02:47:23.041Z - warn service:TaskManager Task generateToolPath failed. err msg:
2024-03-01T02:47:23.043Z - warn service:TaskManager {}

Any tips? Known issues?

Update: Downgraded to 4.10.1 and get the same results…

I did a similar project with 4.10.1, with some of the same layers, so I am not sure why this would not be working.

Delete the app and reinstall.

I believe I did that when downgrading (uninstall 4.10.2, install 4.10.1).

What worked was adding the layers back one by one and testing the generate g-code each time. After adding back all the layers, it was able to generate the preview and the g-code for all the layers.

Which Operating System are you using?
If Linux it depends on the used distribution. I received the same errors on Red Hat (and any derivate like Alma, Rocky, Oracle), but it works on Debian 12 or Fedora 39.

I have also tested it on Windows 11 where it was running right away without any modifications

I’m on Windows 11 23H2. Up until now, I’ve had very little or no issues, and even with a similar etch (this one just change a small piece/one of the layers). Luckily it is solved, I am not sure what was stuck, but I imagine there was some issue between the layers that wasn’t surfacing as an error. After reinstalling/downgrading, re-adding layer by layer did the trick.

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