Luban 4.1.4 and laser cutting - same unsolved issues

I simply do not understand Luban. With every update it is like starting fresh… I have earlier made a post because the laser power would not increase, going from one tool path to another when the program was ran form Luban. I’ve been overcoming this issue by never using the cam. capture and simply running all jobs from snapmaker instead. NOW I get the same f… issue regardless…

My tool path look like this:

  1. Engrave dots at 60% power
  2. Engrave lines at 60% power
  3. Cut hole at 100% power
  4. Cut line at 100% power
    But when inspecting the g-code the power is not increased. This happens in both 4.1.1 and 4.1.4.

I made a test with two squares. first one at 50% the next at 100%. This small job worked??! The power increased.

So Snapmaker, please, for the love of god, please secure some kind of consistency.

I used an online g-code viewer and just by updating Luban, the g-codes made from the same tool paths look so different (x,y,z) that I do not trust to run the one made from 4.1.4. However, as concluded, the power was not increased in either g-codes.

I also do not get why there is a preview option in workspace. That was what the workspace was?!


  1. Why doesn’t Luban generate g-codes corresponding to the set tool-paths?
  2. Why is there so much diiference in the generated g-codes from 4.1.1 to 4.1.4 for the same jobs?
  3. What is up with that preview panel? Why watch the g-code in a small window rather than in the biggest most obvious window which is now useless?

Are there other programs that generates g-code for laser cutting that are more consistent/reliable but still easy to go to?

  • Jonas

The alternative laser software most often recommended on this forum is Lightburn, but it isn’t free and also has more features (= more complexity) than Luban.

(And Luban is just prone to bugs and to redesigns that don’t always seem to be well-thought-out. Shrug.)