Loosing laser files

Just had an interesting ‘experience’- I had some old laser files (*.nc) on a thumb-drive and wondered what they really were. Opened them in Luban (4.8.2 not the latest version) and they opened in workspace just fine. Cancelled them and lo and behold, they were NOT on the thumb drive any longer; GONE - x2 files. Didn’t go into my recycle bin (Win11) either. Tried it on a file on my hard drive, same thing, opens and then is deleted from the drive. Not a biggie, I have back ups, but really, deleting them from the drive just because I opened them!! You have to ‘export’ it if you want to save it, otherwise its GONE. Doesn’t seem to do the same for *.snapcnc and 3DP asks if you want to save ‘changes’ (maybe an older file that got ‘upgraded’?). Just thought I would throw that out here for knowledge’s sake.

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