A350 single biggest failure still after all this time

I have been a beta tester, used the snappy 2.0 almost every day. More recently almost only with laser, but have done it all.

Still after all this time there is no way to backup/copy files on the snappy. It’s like a basic ask. Add something to the screen that when you slide a file one way it says delete like it does now and the other way it says copy to usb.

Has anyone maybe managed to attach the snappy to a computer and interrogate the file structure? Is the storage in the display or the controller? If the display has anyone plugged it into a computer directly? Would it kill it?

We can send commands from Luban directly to the machine so there is some CLI going on. Can’t believe there is no further file control.

I don’t understand why this is even an issue. You had to get the files onto the SM somehow, so you already have the file somewhere.

Once upon a time when I created these I sent them to the sm by wifi. I never saved them as projects locally. Hence I do not have them. I can recreate them if I had to from the svg files but very time consuming. Each set (mandala laser files) contain multiple cut files and there are maybe 30 sets. Time consuming.

I also had some 3DP files that I sent by wifi stored on an external drive that has died.

Some months ago I suggested the same. No response until now.
I always forget to save the print file while sending them to the Snapmaker. In the case you save the file from Luban, the file name presented has no link to the STL file name.

Just get this done, it should be a minor effort.

Unfortunately there is no way to recover the files on the touchscreen.
Maybe you have luck on the hardware side, dont know. Hopefully there is a micro sd card somewhere?

The touchscreen is not able to connect to a computer it has a custom made connection on the usb c, so anyway you have to tinker a lot…

If you where an official beta tester, maybe try to get a support answer and post it here.