Looking for the model from the promo video

Hi all,

I cannot wait until I will receive my Snapmaker (scheduled for May) and neither can my kids. So in preparing I showed them the promo-video from the Kickstarter campaign. They were very clear that they would want to start by printing the excavator that is printed in that video.

Does anyone (maybe someone from Snapmaker) know where I can find the model for that excavator?
It is the syringe operated excavator.

I would appreciate any links or pointers.
Kind regards,
Edwin Witjens!


Hey dude, i searched a bit on the www and found this nice project:


its nearly the same :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the one in this video?

It looks like it’s a mashup between this one:


and this one:

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2782518 – closer hydraulics to the one in the video.

Now, if someone can point me to the little robots in there… :laughing:

This modell seems pretty similar.

Hi Robert and XChrisD,

Thank you for rour response! You helped me.
Now I only need to get my Snapmaker (due the next couple of weeks)… I cannot wait.
Thanks again.

As for the spider,I have been searching but could not find a closer look-a-like than you did yourself.

Kind regards,

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