Snap maker 2 ad


Hoping this is real and not the fb holiday scams. If it is I’m looking forward to what you build.



This is real, this is the next version of the Snapmaker. The design team has been busy and taken in many suggestions from the user community.

We are all champing on the bit to get more details of the Kickstarter project, cost and estimated availability



It looks good. When’s the Kickstarter going to start? @Rainie? @Jade? @whimsycwd?
I’m a little disappointed they didn’t post a link HERE the same time as they put it up on their page. Their Forum support has been seriously lacking. Probably due to all the work on the 2.0 version.

Looks like the controller is now a separate box. The box on the back of the Z axis appears to just be a junction box with many more connections. I hope the new controller has a good QUIET fan. I’m also hoping they used the quiet stepper motor drivers.

The text says it has “Auto Leveling” so they must have added a way to sense the surface.
Also has a “filament sensor” for when you run out.

I suspect that so far the pictures are mostly CG and not real photos of prototypes.

I hope they put out a comprehensive list of what is improved.


Hi @Tone

Firstly, happy New Year to you and wishing you a great 2019

The Snapmaker 2 news, I put it down to the company evolving. This teasing style marketing campaign disappeared years ago. Still I have faith in Snapmaker, patience needs to be our friend.



copied from the Facebook group, but my 2 cents and take on this article:

Damian Flower these two paragraphs capture my main focus:

"I spoke with the team and asked them about perhaps creating a Kickstarter reward tier that just included the linear modules and the board, so Snapmaker 1 users could use their old modules with it for a little less money, and they were naturally a little hesitant.

They said they would need to see what kind of market there would be for such a barebones system. And they said the new modules are all excellent upgrades to the existing modules, so the best course would be to get them as well. But they are at least ready to listen if the community shows interest"

Being marketed, advertised and sold as a modular system I wholeheartedly agree with the end users “choice” to purchase the components individually.

It appears that peoples focus (my own included) was the promise of longer linear modules being made available; they ARE being made available, BUT you need to upgrade the controller board module to support it.

I personally think this is a reasonable/justifiable approach by the Snapmaker company as they have made improvements (with community feedback) to all of the individual components.

It would be a great disservice to the kickstarter group and Snapmaker community ethos of the product if there was no option provided for existing Snapmaker owners to have the choice of modules/components to upgrade.

  • I am very happy with my v1-1600mw Lazer module and v1 3D print module, I see no reason to purchase a v2 of these modules

  • I would like to get better results from the CNC function and will upgrade the controller board and get v2 of the CNC module to achieve this

  • If I could purchase another linear module to configure as an additional Z axis for CNC stability (and a multipurpose base plate to mount them?) I would be extremely happy


Looks nice. But sas long, as they do not give me proper support with my weak heated bed, I will not buy any new part from SnapMaker.