Latest Kickstarter announcement and add-ons

I just read the latest Kickstarter announcement - and I see some new add ons available to later backers that weren’t available to us Beta Testers. If we want some of those, how can we order them?


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Hi David,

Don’t worry. We will make sure you have access to all the new add-ons. We may use BackerKit survey or a newsletter to offer you these add-ons.
Some reminders:

  1. Since non-beta adopters don’t even have the machine yet, we will prioritize the delivery for non-beta adopters. Delivery of add-ons for beta adopters may come later.
  2. Please note that ordering new add-ons will require new shipping fee.

We will figure out the way to offer you the add-ons as soon as possible.
Thank you!

I’m fine with that. But I also do hope that the beta-testers will get a reasonable discount?
I mean we are your testing dummies and improve your product^^

Also if you are really eager to become a stable and profitable enterprise, you might consider finding a distributor in Europe and NA. This would reduce shipping fees for customers a lot and you can compete with local distributors more easily.
I’m just telling you this, since I already saw several far-eastern enterprises go bankrupt because they did not consider this step early enough and got booted out of the EU-Market.

Thank you for your advice!
We will consider your suggestion about the discount. =)
About finding distributors, we are already doing this and signing some contracts with distributors. Hopefully, the EU market will see the Snapmaker soon.

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Nice to hear that!

Once you set up a european homebase, I will gratefully buy all my tools and replacement stuff from you guys, since I like the way you treat customers. Yet until the shipping fee problem is solved, I will try to find my stuff elsewhere. It’s just plain stupid to buy e.g. a new nozzle, worth 2$ in China and paying 5$ shipping fee^^

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Hi !

I’ve ordered add-on with my snapmaker, but I did’nt received them with my 3d printer. Why ?