Dinosaur.stl files from SnapMaker 2.0 promotional video

Hello all,

I’m not only new to this forum, but new to 3d printing as well. When I watched the promotional video of all the things the SnapMaker 2.0 could do, I knew I had to have one. The most intriguing item in the video was the 3d printing of the dinosaur; my daughter is a dinosaur fanatic and I would love to be able to create that exact dinosaur for her but I have had no luck locating it. Was wondering if anyone might know where it (or one similar) could be located. I sure would’ve thought that SM would’ve made all their demo pieces from the video(s) available to their customers. I apologize if this is either a duplicate; I searched the forum, but didn’t have any favorable results.

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Hi Todd, welcome to the forums!

I’m not sure where to find the exact stl that the company used, the files that they use in their promotional materials have been difficult to track down in the past, but Thingiverse is a fantastic website for finding models, and they might have what you are looking for. I would warn that you should read the description of anything from thingiverse before you print because the models are sometimes meant for other types of printers or not to be printed at all. Though I haven’t had a problem so far in my experience.


I haven’t watched the video, but here’s a few assorted dinosaurs from my bookmark collection (with the caveat that I seem to have more skeletons than whole models):

There are lots and lots and lots more out there.