Filament loading fails when an active print has run out

Hello Fellow Snappies,

Recently purchased the Artisan and I am quite happy with it. Wish i had read the instructions on the laser settings before i melted the wood and made my house smell like BBQ for a week.

I’m running into an issue recently where when the filemant runs out on a print and the Artisan pauses, I put a new spool on the printer and feed it in but the feeder isnt strong enough to push it through. So the remaining filament is stuck in the hot end.

Looking to buy a 0.4mm rod to push through the filament and then feed in the new one. But shouldn’t the detector fire sooner before the last bit disappears into the hotend?

This has caused 2 20h prints to fail because i had to take the hot end out which cause the printer to throw a critical error.

Am I doing this wrong?