LightBurn reporting "Ready" connection but no response in job controlls


I have an A350 I’m trying to get connected via USB with light burn. I installed the driver, I have SnapMaker showing in my device manager under Com4 when I plug it in via USB.

I’m running Lightburn 0.9.20.

In LB devices I have to go throuhg “Create Manually” as “Find my Laser” doesn’t report anything. However I select it’s on usb/serial and am able to stub out a connection in the LB device list. In the main LB screen I select Com4 next to the SnapMaker drop down and The status reports “Ready”.

None of the jog controlls are doing anything. I also notice in the Console tab it just says “Waiting for connection”.

I’m not sure what else to check or how to proceed from here. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hello… go to Edit>Device Settings and make sure your baud rate is set to 115,200. Your SM2 should be able to make the connection after that. You may have to close the program and run it again after you set the baud rate.

Another gotcha - serial devices can only be connected to 1 program at a time - make sure Luban isn’t using the connection!

I thought I had previously checked those things, but sure enough after shutting everything down and restarting, verifying the 115,200 baud rate it’s game on!

Thanks @writrchick_35 and @brent113

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