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I saw an article some ware that Lightburn software can be used on Snapmaker 2. I am a noob and having a heck of a time using Luban. I am familiar with Lightburn but cannot figure out how to connect my computer to the Snapmaker 2 A350. Do I need a USB cable with male connector on both ends? Any other tips on the software setup etc would be appreciated.

Either with USB cable to the mini port or just file transfer via WiFi or USB drive

@brent113 do you know if is it possible to get lightburn talking through octoprint? I’d rather not have to try to connect my snapmaker to a computer (there aren’t any near it), and it’d be awesome if i could continue with my current workflow of uploading to octoprint and running the job from there (lightburn just spits out gcode right?)

As long as it can send g-code from a file via USB to the Snapmaker then yeah no problem. You would need to save the g-code file from Lightburn, transfer to Octoprint, and get octoprint to play it back over USB

There is both a “save” option to export a file as well as a “play” option to send directly to a connected device over serial (serial over USB)


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Awesome, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Didn’t want to start my trial of lightburn without having a good way to deliver gcode to the machine.

Kevin, I think you answered someone elses question. I asked how to connect my computer to the Snapmaker machine , d\as they are both female input. Do I need a USB cable with a male connector on both ends?

Dale R. Mitchell

Brent, thanks for your reply. I am still confused. Where is the mini port? All I can see is the regular USB port.


Dale R. Mitchell

The required USB type A to USB type B mini cable comes with the machine, here is the image from the user quick start guide:

The USB mini port is next to the USB disk port on the controller.

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Ah sorry, I think both Brent and I had assumed you were only asking about the digital connection to the machine and not the actual physical connection. I then considered your question answered and moved a bit further with having a second machine (octoprint) as a proxy between the 2 machines.

I hope Brent’s answer about the actual physical connection is clear, but to clarify (since the port is not clearly a micro port in the manual’s diagram): the USB micro should be between the power port and USB-Disk (USB A) port, “in front of” the port for the touch screen:

(forgive the blurriness, my enclosure setup does not lend itself to taking pictures of this part of the machine).

Note that the port will have a rubber cover over it like the other ports, just make sure when pulling the plug out, you’re pulling out of the USB port, and not detaching the part that’s supposed to stay connected (you can see me holding the cover back with my fingers in the above photo).

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Kevin, thanks, i unpluged the hand held screen and it looked like a “C” connector that is the same as my Samsung Galaxy 8 charging cord . It plugged in right and i config Lightburn but Lightburn did not see Snapmaker. I tried several times , it would nor connect

That would be a different port than the one Kevin and I are referring to… Do not unplug the touchscreen.

Do not use the usb c port, use the micro port