Original not working with Lightburn

Hi folks. Been trying to setup Lightburn to use on my original, Lightburn tells me that snapmaker isn’t reading anything from Lightburn. Have setup the baud rate but no change.

Any ideas

This isn’t working? You’ve verified you’re using the right COM port?

There is only 1 COM setting

Did you install the CH340 USB to Serial driver from snapmaker? https://support.snapmaker.com/hc/en-us/sections/4419724290839-3-in-1-3D-Printer

the laser is now moving but no light. I also having problems with lightburn on Ubuntu, same issue.

Having to make a lot of assumptions here because you’re not posting any screenshots of your configuration. Presumably you would be using the device profile of snapmaker which uses the M3 and M5 power commands. But it could also be you’ve configured your project wrong and have zero output power inadvertently

Will be glad to send screen shot, just let me know of what.

Unfortunately my machine is away at my shop so I’ll have to send tomorrow.

Thanks for your help