CNC Carving method

Can anyone tell me how to cnc a .jpg on the pad or outline.
In Luban I see only the “Relief” mode.
I’m trying to find an answer for this problem since 3 months.
It makes me horendol. :crazy_face:
Thanks 4U attention.

You need to import the right type of file. It needs to be a vector file.
.svg works best. (.dxf seems to give problems for a lot of different reasons.)
Add or drag and drop your artwork. Then you’ll have the option to choose vector or relief. Check that size is correct and if not adjust. Then click process. Select your image and “create toolpath”. And when the dialog box pops up you can choose “on the path”, “outline” or “fill”.

Inkscape is free and works great for converting jpeg or png to svg. Make sure you export as simple svg. If you create any text in any art program, you’ll need to convert it to paths, or curves (or whatever your program calls it. They all seem to differ)


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Hi sdj544,
I understand what U say.
I will try the solution U give.
Also i’ll go to inktskape to convert my files and give it another try.
Thank you very much for your reply. :+1:

Hi, I’m very happy with your answer.
This was exactly what I ment, and it works super to me.
I’ts very difficult and even strange in a kind of way to get familliar to Luban.
Fusion is very more difficult to learn, but your tip has brought me to the direction I would be.
Thank you very much sdj544

Hey sdj544, I noticed I used an another account for my reply, I’m teh same man as Frydai19581