Leaking nozzles Artisan

Hey all,

I just received the Artisan, awesome design!
Problem I have with the two nozzles, as long as the nozzle is printing, I seem to have no problem. But as soon as the second nozzle starts the first one leakes a bit of filament which of cours hardens and when it starts again it puts that hardened filament on my 3d print. sometimes it even pulls the print of the plate.

Is this a retraction problem ? Should I pull it even further back.

I also seem to have a problem with the first layer that there is no filament coming out of the nozzle jet so the second layer is the first layer which causes the print to drop a layer and then not sticking to the bed anymore. I have a workaround to preheat the nozzles and then load a bit of filament through the nozzle before printing. But ofcourse I would love to just press start and then print.

Are you using a purge tower when you slice the model?

I did at first, but that caused the first problem because of the traveling between the tower and the model.

Will try again, the internet says it should solve both of my problems.

Thank you!