Interesting finding about clogging

Hi guys.
maybe its just me but i had some struggles the last days with my artisan and clogging.
while i investigated i found something super important which i saw no mention so far.

I assumed using the left nozzle will be possible to print 400mm in X.
that is not true.
you can move your nozzle to 0.0 and then to around 375. thats the mechanical max.
at this point your right nozzle is on the 400 spot.

this leads to the following:
if you print on the right border with the left nozzle it will not print the lines side by side… they stack what will clogg your nozzle.

i was in the assumption you would see some error either from the machine or luban or orca or cura but noone tells that story so far.

I think it is a major piece of knowledge if you wanna print big which maybe a lot are gonna do.

Picture of the right border:

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Really interesting find.

This just happened to me but you actually identified what the issue was. Annoying that you cant print using one nozzle on 400x400, nor is it documented or accounted for in Luban or Cura (via official plugin).

Thanks for the details, something I’ll remember in the future.

Just wanted to expand the possibilities of the failed print you showed in your post.
It could be that the bed isn’t levelled in that corner (too low in that particular case) and the lines are not squished enough on the bed plate…
Would you consider that possibility?

If the issue is about x and y build volume then the head shouldn’t even move to the area that it isn’t designed to reach, rather than having layers that are not sticking to the build plate… right?