A350T won't print default vase g-code, filament may be leaking

Hi , I’m new to 3d printing so I will try my best to explain, I installed my snapmaker A350T today and I am trying to print the vase ( default project in luban) as a start project to check the 3d printer. The problem is everytime I select “start” the nozzle goes to the left side of the printer outside the bed area and doesn’t move also the filament comes out through the nozzle at the same time. Someone had this issue before ? How can I fix this ? Thx

Is the temp going up on the touchscreen? It’s probably waiting for the bed to heat up. In the meantime filament is leaking out of the nozzle?

I would say yes it’s leaking, I mean I think so, it just keeps coming out ,also temperature is going up

To confirm, the filament is “leaking” through the end of the nozzle, not from around the nozzle, correct?

Are you giving it time to heat up both the bed and nozzle to the set temp?
It parks at the corner and waits until those temps are reached. While it does there will sometimes be leakage/dripping.
Once it reaches temp it moves to center (or start of print position) and starts printing. When it moves past the edge of the bed it usually ‘wipes off’ any excess from the nozzle.
If it’s reaching the set temps and then doesn’t do anything, or doesn’t reach the set temps, then you have a problem.


Thx for the help , everything was fine I managed to print the vase but when I selected “fast print” or high quality or even normal quality all of those were over 7 hours I mean why so much for a 9 cm vase ?? I selected vase g code it took 2 hours and 15 minutes. The only problem I have now is how do I clean the heat bed ? I prefer not to use any liquid solutions

You have to use liquid to properly clean it.
Either rubbing/isospropyl alcohol or soap and water (if not both on occasion)
Alcohol you can do on the bed with a rag, but every so often you’re going to need to the bed sheet off and wash it under the sink with dishwashing soap.


Really ?! Soap and water ? I’ve read some people here on the forum said that also dishwasher is good… I don’t want to damage the bed , this is how it looks after the first print, I have tried to remove the residue with the palette knife but wasn’t that successful