Layer shift on large model Luban 4.7.3

First I printed a model with the size 130mm x 70mm.
Everything was ok.
The I printed a larger model with the size 190mm x 90mm.
With that model there was a layer shift of more than
4.5 mm in y-direction.
It looks like the shift started when the bottom was
finished and the infil started.

Please post pictures.

You didn’t say what machine you have. Is it a 2.0, J1, or Artisan? Layer shifts are usually when the machine stepper motors miss a step. Either from catching on the model, changing direction too fast, or the motors getting too hot and losing torque. You can try printing a bit slower, this helps problem one and two. It allows the model to cool more so it curls less and doesn’t catch the nozzle, and the direction changes are not as harsh, so it might not be too much for the motors.

As far as heat in the motors, printing slow can help a bit, but it’s usually because the voltage is set too high and they’re being overdriven to increase torque. This eventually causes dropouts and weakness in the magnetic force inside the stepper. With how much these machines cost, I wonder why they don’t have stallguard enabled on the TMC drivers (if they ones they use even support it). This allows for skipped step detection like you see in machines like the Prusa MK3.

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It’s an Snapmaker 2.0 A250. And the problem seems to be the slicer in Luban.
I made a twist of 90 degrees for the model and everything was ok again.