Latest version of Luban lost the rulers for me to be able to line up artwork in the main screen

Does anybody know how to turn in the rulers again?

Did this happen to anybody else?

Never mind, i just rolled the Luban software back to a version i know works as i noticed the laser module in the latest version is not working correctly whereby the laser is burning “tracking lines” through the images rather than turning off while tracking then on again to continue the image. if that makes sense.

But if anybody has any info on this it would be great.

Upgrade Firmware and Luban and the tracking lines are gone.
There was a significant change in firmware which needs update of both luban and firmware for generating laser files.

So the rulers return in Luban if everything is upgraded to the latest versions? I havent upgraded anything for a while because i like having the rulers and last upgrade I did, the vector engraving function changed so much.