Laser turns on when locating origin and burn material 10W

No matter what I do once I go to set the origin on device the laser turns up to maybe 20% and burns the material ever so slightly while I am moving it around. I have tried the the switch in Luban Workspace that says laser power minimum but that seems to do absolutely nothing. I am at wits end. What am I doing wrong?

I think I figured it out. I set the machine settings to the 10W laser but they will not save… Everytime I go back to it it says 1600mw… So looks like I have a different problem…

I got the laser type to be correct now, but it still turns on the laser and burns the material finding origin still. This is beyond frustrating.

This sounds really weird - I’d suggest you contact Snapmaker support.

Is your firmware and luban up to date?

Luban 4.9.1 and Firmware says latest install. I see there is a 4.10.1 Luban. Will update to that but not sure how that will help as the issue is when I am disconnected from Luban.

Upgraded to 4.10.1 and the issue still exists. But something new broke in that now when I open a DXF file it comes in at some arbitrary small size. I have both versions running and 4.9.1 works just fine with DXF files and 4.10.1 does not. So maybe a new bug.

Also I forgot to send a picture of the firmware.

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There was a firmware change (1.18 I guess, not sure right now… ) which needed a newly generated file by latest luban (4.9.x).