Laser question why does my laser only etch during set up

My laser burns marks for setup but after setup going into the print for job run it starts tool path and runs but either the laser isn’t on or it’s glowing blue and not etching yet the job is still going. I stop it and re do set up and it burns the marks and I re set the camera but still nothing on the job

Habe das gleich Problem.:-/

It’s definitely not open enclosure doors, right? If you open and close the doors with USB connected you can see in the terminal the corresponding messages come through confirming the doors are opened and closed?

If the controller thinks the doors are open for any reason laser power is capped at 0.5%, enough to see but not enough to burn.

Haven’t bought the enclosure so no chance of that lol it’s something to do with the camera focus where it burns the square because if I burn the ruler only like it says to do each time it glitches if I do both ruler and square then go to job it works so far
And no matter what it was set on the computer software and the touchscreen both always show 5% but even with it that low it burns great when it actually burns

The auto focus is glitchy sometimes, try manually focusing (in the settings on the touchscreen) and selecting the thinnest line manually?

And if the touchscreen power is stuck at 5%, either a luban/gcode problem or something, not sure. Could check what it generates in the actual .nc file, and see if it’s got an M3 P5 could change that to P10 or something.

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Ps where can I view the file once it’s converted to see what settings it’s actually got