Laser going off work area and other issues

I am having issues with laser engraving. If I send the file over wifi or transfer it via USB the work space goes to the top right corner and does not seem to move. This is probably a newbie issue, but I have gone back through the manual and did everything 3 times and am still unable to print via wifi or USB. I have been able to print right from Luban with more luck but had an instance where it engraved about 2cm of an image and the nothing after that.

Hello BillyS,

can you see the blue light from the laser and its not engraving or is the laser off?
Have you an exclousre? perhaps the door is not closed firmly?

There’s a bug in the touchscreen that you may be running in to. Are you talking about the toolhead is going to the top right of the machine? Is this when you’re starting a job, just after you select auto or manual material thickness and you’re asked to set the work origin? Are you using auto or manual material thickness?

@stefix I don’t have an enclosure so there should not be any door issues and yes I do see the blue light from the laser.
@brent113 yes, the tool head goes to the top right past the bed and turns the laser on, (its on and will burn as I put a sheet of paper on the work piece and extended it under the laser and it burned it).
I manually entered the material thickness in Luban before I exported it. When I went to start the job I wasn’t asked about setting the work origin.

That sounds slightly different than what I was doing, which was using the touchscreen to start the job. You may have to experiment to see if you can use Luban and work around that issue.

From the touchscreen, you can start the job->manual->jog the head 1 step, set work origin. Then back out until you can select auto material thickness.

Then the touchscreen will correctly set the laser position.

You could try that and see if that makes Luban happy afterwards.

I only have to do that after stopping a job. When a job completes normally I don’t have to. There’s something about stopping a job early that makes the touchscreen unhappy. I have reported my bug to the devs recently, hasn’t been fixed yet.

Hey I just wanted to say thank you. I was struggeling and really needed to get some christmas presents done :slight_smile:
Your method helped!

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