Laser not burning when in run

Howdy! First time questions here, so hopefully it’s something simple I’m missing.

I’ve loaded an image to the workspace to engrave on basswood. I set the work origin, then turn on the laser to check it’s center, and I get a burn mark, so I know it’s working.

However, when I go to run it by clicking “Start on Luban” and then use AUTO, the laser starts running the track, and it’s shining the laser, but nothing is getting engraved. I’ve verified power is at 100%, I’ve tried using manual, but it keeps doing the same thing…

I’m using vector engraving, 800 mm/min working speed, on the path method and 99% power.

Any ideas or help are greatly appreciated!

Do you have fill turned on? Otherwise it will just do an outline with vector.

FYI, You shouldn’t need to turn on the laser to check it’s center. If you’re using the touchscreen it will be on at very low power (5%?) before you hit start. You might not be able to see it with safety glasses on. Or you can set power in Luban to 5% (try 1% and see if you can see it. I haven’t done it from Luban in a long time so can’t remember) and then adjust your origin.


So I was using vector, but still expected to get at least the outline. Is that not the case?

I just used line-fill and it did burn this time! But still would like to get a single laser outline for some projects… any other ideas?

Thanks again for the help!

I think I figured it out! It was just going too fast for the little laser to actually burn the wood!

I think I had 800 mm/min, but once I dropped it down to 160, it’s great!

So do you have the original laser, not the 1.6?