10w laser not working

I was trying to start engraving on a bamboo wood cutting board. I did one last weekend and it went fine. I was trying to do one today and the laser won’t stay on. I thought maybe because I cleaned it. So I double checked and everything looks ok. I tried recalibrating and the laser (blue light) goes on for about 5 seconds then shuts off. Calibration light is on.

When I try to do it a second time to see, I go to camera calibration and hit start, the second start (where is gives the instructions for the paper) I have to tap start 15 times and when it goes it’s just the few seconds. I loaded a previously used g code for the cutting board and it was fine.

This weekend I was going to make 2 of the same design I’ve used.

I put in a ticket but wondered if anyone else was having this issue?

Thank you

Sounds very dicey.

Possible dumb question. You did not put the 10W laser back on after using the 3D print head by any chance, and use the screws from the 3D print head? The laser’s screws are slightly shorter, like 8mm to 10mm from the print head, to avoid preventing the laser’s cooling fan from spinning.

IS the cooling fan spinning?

By the original handbook, 8mm screws were supposed to be used from the beginning. Even back in the kickstarter version of the manual… I wonder how so many people decided to use 10mm screws. However, yes, make sure you’re using the 8mm ones.

Are you using the enclosure by chance? Make sure the magnets have not fallen off the door frame that activate the hall sensor. also, if you swap the toolhead, you shouldn’t have to recalibrate. It will complain about calibrating the camera, but if you don’t use it, you can just tap cancel.

If you’ve recently updated the snapmaker you might need to redo your project. I know there was reports of older files not working right anymore, and also make sure there’s no inline comments in any header/footer gcode. However, I don’t know if you’re using Lightburn or Luban, so I’m only speculating.

Also double-check all your connections, reseat the cables, and listen for the laser fan to come on when the laser turns on, and should run for several minutes after the laser turns off.

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Cooling fan is spinning and I haven’t used the 3D printer in months. I did use the screws from the laser box.

Sorry, it was just a guess.

So if it’s not a matter of the door sensors like @Skreelink guesses, sure sounds like you’re getting intermittent power to laser somehow.

How old was the design you’re re-using, and have you updated firmware and Luban? They did make a bunch of changes. (I’m still running old since I don’t want to re-do a bunch of older files I know work … yet.)

The design is only a few days old. I used the SVG and not a saved design.

I’m at the latest software and firmware but it was working okay for the last little while since I updated both,