Laser problems and inconsistency

When I initially setup my A350 for laser, I was able to successfully etch a logo and complete a cut out in acrylic. After those two items, I have not been successful in getting anything to cut or etch. When I do the laser calibration, it stops etching the paper after the first few lines. When I do the camera calibration, it fails to cut all four lines evenly if at all. I have verified my bed is level, my head is level, the x-axis is level, the Z-axis towers are square to the bed. I understand that getting the head and the bed “level” i called tramming, but i can’t find anything that tells me how to achieve or verify everything is “trammed”? I don’t know if that’s the right word but it’s what I’m going with.
The laser etches the first few lines on the on the left but stops etching as it works to the right.
When i do the camera calibration, the back and front lines are complete, the left line is partial, the right line there is no etch. The other frustration is that it’s inconsistent pass to pass.

Suggestion are appreciated.

I’d tram it first, I do this with the machine off: Carriage Tolerances - Unusable Over Distance >75mm From Center

Just push down to get the X axis level with the Y linear modules.

You can’t really tram front to back on this machine - hope that’s not a problem for you, cause it requires shimming.

Check your focus - I don’t recommend auto focus, it’s inconsistent. Do manual focus, referencing this: Comments on Quick Start Guide and Laser User Manual

Thanks Brent, I did the manual focus and am going to try another etching attempt.